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New Book On Grafton Regis 

Can you help us please?

We are planning to publish a new book about Grafton Regis, building on the very successful volume published in 2000, and would be most grateful for your help.

The new book will contain a lot more illustrations than the first one, and we’re trying to spread our net as wide as possible.  Have you ever lived or worked in Grafton, or had relations or friends living or working or holidaying in the village? 

Do you have anywhere any old photos of Grafton or of people who lived here, or any diaries relating to the village?  We would be really interested in these and in any other survivals, however trivial they may seem.  We know, for example, that in the 1880s and 1890s there were several Grafton, Alderton and Ashton horticultural shows.  Amazingly, we have tracked down the minutes for the shows.  Do any prize certificates survive?  It would be fantastic to find them.

Or do you have any memories you would be prepared to share?  We’re concentrating on illustrations in the book but we also want to build up a really good picture of what everyday life was like in the village when it was still a genuinely rural community.

Please contact me at  if you think you can help in any way or if you would like further information on the book or the village. 

Keith Harry, Chair, Grafton Regis Millennium Fund

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