Woodville Tomb and Tower

Urgent Appeal for Funds for repairs to the Woodville Tower and Memorial tomb. 

St. Mary the Virgin Church Tower was built by John Woodville, great grandfather of Elizabeth Woodville (the White Queen). His tomb resides in the Church and is listed by Churchcare as one of the top 100 church treasures in  the UK.

Woodville Tower

Urgent repairs are required to the roof of the Woodville Tower; portions of the lead have slipped exposing the roof timbers to the weather. Some of the lead on the roof show dates 0f 1692, 1743 and 1744.

Whilst this work is being carried out, we plan to refurbish the tower by:

  • Replacing the existing wooden ladders, which give access to bell chamber, with modern safety ladders.

  • Replacing a rotton wooden floor the bell chamber.

  • Putting in a new floor above the ground floor for the bell ringers to ring from.

  • The existing vestry can them be moved to the ground floor of the bell tower


Woodville Tomb

The John Woodville tomb was moved from a central position in the church to the back of the West end of the church in the 19th century. This end of the church suffers greatly from damp, our 12c century church has no foundations, and as a consequence the stonework has suffered greatly over the last 100 years.

The tomb is listed by Churchcare as one of the top 100 church treasures in U.K.  Churchcare is fund raising for the restoration of these treasures and has started work on the restoration process when funds have been donated .

By moving the vestry to the tower the tomb can be moved back to a central position in the church.

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Can you help keep our historic Church open?

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Grafton Regis is steeped in history and contains some nationally important artifacts. However due to the small size of the village the current Church income alone is insufficient to keep it open and to restore / maintain the important artifacts including the medieval tomb of Elizabeth’s grandfather, Sir John Woodville. If you can support us with a donation it would be much appreciated - you can use one of the methods below:

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