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 Heritage Lottery Fund Award 

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Lottery Award!

The PCC is pleased to announce the award of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  This was for urgent repairs which were needed for the Church Tower, its roof and internal structure, and for the roof of the church porch.

Most of the structural repairs to the Church have now been completed (see Gallery below)  but an important part of the grant conditions was also to develop a Heritage display in the church and make the church history, which is interwoven with our village history, available and accessible to as many people as possible.

A further condition was to include the community in this development of our heritage project.  We held an Open Weekend at the Village Hall to allow as many people as possible to see the scope of the work that the grant will cover.  There are several other exciting projects under way, but we are always looking for support for the project in many ways: helping with research, the technical aspects of the project, information, photographs, stories, ideas. So if interested please contact the Church Warden via e-mail ( or if you would like to make a donation please see options at the bottom of the page:

Structural Repairs to Church Gallery

Can you help keep our historic Church open?

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Grafton Regis is steeped in history and contains some nationally important artifacts. However due to the small size of the village the current Church income alone is insufficient to keep it open and to restore / maintain the important artifacts including the medieval tomb of Elizabeth’s grandfather, Sir John Woodville. If you can support us with a donation it would be much appreciated - you can use one of the methods below:

Support St Mary the Virgin Church - Grafton Regis - with easyfundraising:

Support St Mary the Virgin Church - Grafton Regis - with PayPal:

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